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Natalie Hopper is an Alabama/Mississippi native with a weakness for bread pudding, fried green tomatoes, and anything sweet potato. She likes her tea sweet and her chicken fried but also appreciates good pasta, spicy sushi, and margaritas on the rocks.

Barry Grass is originally from Kansas City, MO — the barbecue capital of the world — and seeks to fully understand Tuscaloosa’s considerable barbecue culture. He also loves Southern food, ethnic foods, and will answer any questions you have about beer.

Laura Kochman has lived in New Jersey, Georgia, and now the great state of Alabama. She has been a meat-eater, a vegetarian, a quasi-vegan, and is now an ovo-lacto-pescatarian (say that five times fast!). She used to be allergic to chocolate, but has since reformed. Currently on the trail of a good Chinese restaurant, she plans to eat her way through Western Alabama and tell you about it.

Amanda Stevens is from Cincinnati, Ohio, the Land of Chili.  The rub?  She doesn’t eat chili.  She is a vegetarian who will try just about anything that doesn’t have a circulatory system and/or eyeballs (especially eyeballs).

Amanda Shields is studying English at The University of Alabama. Homegrown in Bessemer, Alabama, she harbors a slight obsession for nutella dipped strawberries, coconut almond bubble tea, and baklava cheesecake. Although she attempts to refrain from foods with high amounts of saturated fats and granulated sugar, she is not afraid to demonstrate her love for rich southern cuisine.


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