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As blogs tend to do, Druid City Eats lists reviews in the order that we upload them, which probably isn’t the order most helpful to you if you’re trying to find a review of a specific restaurant or trying to decide which Italian restaurant to go to (the answer is DePalmas).

To find the review you want when you want it, simply use the search bar to the right. WordPress’ search engine searches the entire post, so you can search by restaurant name (Iguana Grill), restaurant type (Mexican), or location (Midtown Village). You can even search for a specific kind of food (sushi, BBQ, etc.) or for posts by a specific reviewer using his/her name.

There’s a chance you’ll find multiple reviews of the same restaurant. Don’t be confused. We have several reviewers on the site, and our dining experiences will overlap on occasion. Individual tastes vary and one meal at a restaurant cannot encapsulate everyone’s dining experience, so when those overlaps occur, we will post them to give you an even broader picture of that particular restaurant.


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