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This project began as a Word document. As a member of the UA English department and four-year resident of Tuscaloosa, I wanted to compose of list of local restaurants, bars, coffee houses, etc. that would help new students and faculty members find the best food and drinks in town.

Eventually I decided to turn my sad Word document into a blog, as the magic of the internet allows for constant updates and feedback from others whose experiences at particular establishments may differ from my own.

This blog will feature local restaurants and state-wide chains, but not national chains. You’ve probably eaten at all of them anyway. Our goal at Druid City Eats is to better acquaint newcomers and natives alike with the food spots and watering holes of Tuscaloosa.

If you feel strongly about a restaurant being reviewed, share your opinion in the comments section. Let others know how much you love it or how terrible your service was the last time you ate there. And if you’d like a particular restaurant be reviewed, you can submit a request via the Contact link at the top of the page.



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  1. wonderful, natalie. keep up the good work!


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